When it comes to donating, there is a lot to be grateful for. Psychological research has found that altruism is an innate characteristic of human beings. When we make a donation, our brain’s “reward centre” lights up – it feels good. But psychological research has found that there are some dark spots to our altruism as well. When we are asked to give to m... Continue
Setting realistic goals is an important factor for success in any fundraising event or campaign. Yet there are actually very few individuals and organisations that approach fundraising events with clear, concrete and realistic goals.

Why should I set fundraising goals for my upcoming fundraising campaign?

Regardless of the nature of the fundraising cam... Continue
Are you searching for easy fundraising ideas for your school, yet you aren’t sure where to start? Putting together a successful event or drive can be a challenge, as coming up with the right fit for your needs is often a difficult task. Perhaps you are at a loss and need some inspiration to help you get the ball rolling. To help you discover just what kinds of ... Continue
Here is the scene: it’s a typical day and your son or daughter has come home from an ordinary day at school. You calmly ask how his or her day was and he/she hands you any notes, letters, homework, etc. from his/her teacher. You begin to look through the papers, and then you see it - the thing that every parent dreads throughout the school year. It’s the bane... Continue
If you've ever volunteered for any charity, football club, or school, you know that fundraising is an essential activity for these organisations. Selling raffles tickets, selling candies, sponsoring time-consuming events and other painfully tedious activities are the usual means of raising funds for these groups, but more recently, some have been trying to come u... Continue
The goal of every school fundraiser, of course, is to make money.  The important thing to keep in mind is how much money you'd like your fundraiser to make, because that number will have a big influence on all the other decisions you make. Schools run fundraisers for all sorts of different reasons:
  • Some raise funds because they need to re... Continue

Sports Club Fundraising

Are you part of the committee for a sports club, be it a local youth team or a larger semi-professional adult organisation? Do you need to make money for new kits, travel expenses or a new set of goal posts? Does your running track need a new surface or does your team need an extra boost to make it to the national championships? ... Continue

Fundraising ideas For Football Clubs

Fundraising is a must for any club, especially when the club involves getting to matches in other towns and areas, kits and equipment, like a football club does. However when thinking about fundraising,  think about the opportunities you have at your finger tips, for many fundraising ideas football clubs already hav... Continue

Great fundraising ideas for Schools in Australia

Every year, schools all around Australia look for ways to raise additional funds.  Fundraisers are vital for supporting building works and funding programs for students, as well as purchasing new material and equipment.  But where should you start with school fundraising ideas? If you're looking to t... Continue

Charity race night Australia

When you are involved in a fundraising committee, be it for a school, sports club or your local scout meeting, you know you will be called on for fundraising event ideas at some point. Many of these organisations like to raise funds for either personal equipment or building renovations but more often than not they like to sh... Continue