Find how much you can make

Work out how much you can make from a racing night fundraiser using the calculator below:

Basic info about your fundraiser:
How much do you plan to charge for tickets?
How many people do you expect to come?
A DIY kit for will cost giving you revenue of from ticket sales.
Additional Income And Expenses
Expected income from raffles:
Expected income from auctions:
Expected income from food/drink sales:
Expected income from sponsorships:
Any other expected income:
Cost of venue hire:
Cost of catering:
Any other expected costs:
The estimated profit from your race night is

Compare the numbers you’ve worked out above so some of the alternatives and you’ll no doubt see that a DIY horse racing fundraiser stacks up very favourably!

You could potentially spend thousands on a live band, for example, and it’s possible people won’t even get up and dance – that’s not value for your money, and it eats into your profits. A horse racing fundraiser is a much more cost-effective: play some CDs or plug in an iPod for some background music between races and your entertainment is taken care of for the night!

Here’s a few more ways that a horse racing fundraiser can save you money:
  • All you need is a screen to show the races on, so you’ve got the flexibility to choose from a wide range of venue. Your own school hall or sporting club rooms, for example, will work perfectly and will save you money.
  • The horse racing format gives everyone plenty of time to participate in silent auctions and raffles throughout the night, and you have the flexibility to pause the races for live auctions too. All sources of extra income on the night, easily integrated!
  • Depending on your venue you can save costs by going with BYO food and drinks – or you can run a cash bar for additional profits. Again, the flexibility of the horse racing format allows you to adapt to whatever your event needs.
For more information on maximizing the profit earned from your event, including handy tips on minimizing expenses, download our free fundraising ebook:

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