Will a Race Night work for my event?

  1. Small upfront cost = bigger profits

    With kits starting from just a few hundred dollars, it’s easy to get a big return on your investment.

  2. Easy to use

    Anyone can run a horse racing fundraiser – you don’t even need to know anything about horse racing!

  3. Flexibility

    A DIY fundraising kit allows you to scale up or down for groups of all sizes, in basically any venue

  4. Broad appeal

    Everyone can get involved in the horse racing theme!

  5. Fresh and exciting

    If support has been dropping for your ‘traditional’ dinner dances or trivia nights, a horse racing night is something new that will reinvigorate your audience!

  6. Full support

    Expert event managers are here to answer questions and help you every step of the way.

We know that one of your biggest challenges when it comes to organising a school fundraiser or sporting club fundraiser is keeping your costs under control. The more you spend up front, the more tickets you have to sell just to break even, let alone profit.

That’s why we’ve designed our DIY fundraising kits to keep your upfront costs to an absolute minimum – you can break even on the kit with as few as 10-15 ticket sales, making it that much easier to turn a big profit on the night. This is a huge advantage for you, when other people are running fundraisers that don’t even make money! You don’t need to over-commit or spend too much up front.

You don’t need to have any special knowledge about racing to run a DIY school fundraiser or club fundraiser either. We’ll provide you with complete and easy-to-follow instructions, along with all the fun money, betting slips and more that your ‘bookies’ will need on the night.

Kits are available for groups of all sizes, and the format can be adapted to suit all kinds of fundraising activities. You can get each race sponsored, and use the race card template to acknowledge the sponsors, you can name the race after them, even let them choose the horse names for the race!

Racing is a huge part of Australian culture, all year round and especially in spring. This is great for your event, as it means there’s ready-made interest from people of all ages and backgrounds.

Check how much you can make at a horse racing fundraiser with our easy-to-use calculator.