Football club fundraising

Football club fundraising race night: a perfect idea for all sports clubs, charities and organisations!

We know how important fundraising is to Australia’s clubs, charities and organisations.  It supports everything from special causes to new equipment and facilities for sporting teams.  We also know what a struggle it can be trying to organise everything.

Is attendance at your trivia nights or memorabilia auctions is starting to drop off? Are your chocolate drives not making the same returns they used to? Then it’s time for your club to start looking for an alternative football club fundraising idea.  And a Race Nights Australia fundraiser is the perfect alternative!

We understand what makes a successful fundraiser.  You need a concept that captures the imagination of your organisation’s members and guests, and creates a fun, ‘giving’ atmosphere.  It has to be something with a broad appeal and (last but definitely not least) is should be easy for you as an organiser to set up.  A Race Nights Australia fundraiser delivers all that and more for your club.

Football club fundraising race night

Deluxe and DIY packages to suit all fundraisers!

Whether you’re expecting 50 people for a netball or football club fundraising night, or 500 people for a black-tie charity gala, we can customise a package that’ll be a perfect fit! Our do it yourself fundraising kits are exceptional value for clubs that are looking to raise money on a budget. They contain everything you need to run a successful event with costs as low as a few dollars per attendee. All you need is a few people to help run the event with you on the night. For club and charity fundraisers in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland* we’re also delighted to be able to offer our Deluxe event packages, where we come and run the entire fundraiser for you on the night. Our expert event managers will line everything up before the date and on the night our “bent bookies” will be there in costume to entertain your guests and help encourage a ‘giving’ atmosphere.

Why Horse Racing Nights is the best bet for your football club fundraising!

First Place fundraising

  • A change from the ‘usual’ sports club and charity fundraising activities, with a broad appeal that helps to ensure maximum buy-in and enthusiasm among your club members and guests.
  • You don’t need to spend a lot! A small outlay can translate into substantial funds raised for your organisation.
  • Scalable and customisable, so whether you’re expecting a small group or a huge one, we can customise a fundraising solution that’s right for your event.
  • All you need is a TV or projector to show the races – not even that if you go Deluxe! We provide everything so you don’t need to worry.
  • Put some fun back into your fundraising! A Race Nights Australia fundraiser provides plenty of scope for socialising.
  • Customise your event to include a range of other activities including live or silent auctions, fashions on the field, raffles and more. The races don’t run until you press play, giving you the ultimate freedom!

For an obligation-free quote, to book an event, or to discuss any aspect of your upcoming football club fundraising, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

* deluxe football club fundraising events in New South Wales and Queensland are provided through our interstate affiliates.Contact us for more information.